Turkey: Hope of the Muslim Societies

Turkey: Hope of the Muslim Societies

After the World War I, the map of the World was drawn by the winner countries. While they were determining the boundaries, they appointed their puppet leaders to the newly established artificial states. Besides, they draw the boundaries in accordance with social conflict to create new social unrest in this geography. They started to exploit Muslims by using their puppet leaders and whenever their puppet began to act independently from their policy, they changed the old puppet with the new one. The winner countries of both WWI and WW II, not only exploited the Muslim and less-developed countries, but also they tried to deteriorate their culture, religious and social values in these territories. Unfortunately, they succeeded their goals at a certain level in their efforts. For example, the interest is forbidden in Islam but, nearly all Muslim countries internalize the interest and banking system depending on interest in contemporary world. Like this, the clothes and music of Muslim societies become too much similar to that of non-Muslim societies. Moral values are also weakened in Muslim countries. In short, winners of the both two WWs, transformed the Muslims according to their wills and have been exploiting the natural resources of these lands since the collapse of the Ottoman State.  

Today, the world and Muslims societies seriously feel the absence of Ottoman State more than ever time. Whenever Turkey started to develop, they turn their face to this country. Because they know that the heir of Ottoman is Turkey and only Turkey can reunite the Muslim societies and establish the justice in the world. Therefore, Turkey is the hope of the Muslims and oppressed people in the world.

In last 13 years, Turkey could succeed to develop its economy and made lots of the reforms about human rights. It has been trying to terminate terrorist movement inside the country. Besides, it has been trying to protect peace in the world by developing the new arguments against the war lovers. It becomes second among the countries engaged in humanitarian assistance. In fact, when the GDPs of the world countries are compared, Turkey is the first country in humanitarian aid in the world. Because Turkey is the 17th biggest economy in the world but 2nd country in humanitarian aids.

Another notable event in the development of Turkey is that Turkey started to object to the unfair behavior of Israel and western countries loudly. In order to be independence with the exact meaning of the word, it started to produce its own weapon. By using the domestic currency in trade, it started to threat the reserve money of the western countries. By building the third international airport, it will become one of the most important meeting place in the world. These and lots of other developments disturbed the western countries, especially England, USA, Germany, France and Israel. Because, they know that if Turkey cannot be controlled, they cannot exploited the world, especially Muslims, as being in the past.

Therefore, today western countries, especially England, USA and Israel, have been trying to curb Turkey’s development. To do this, they support Iran to create Shiite bloc against Sunni Turkey. USA gave the administration of the Iraq and Syria to Iran. In addition, they  gave clandestine support to Iran to spread effect of Shiite and to create unrest in Muslim lands. Today, Iran’s effect can be felt from Yemen to Syria, from Bahrain to Iraq. At this point, one can ask that while Iran and West has been threating each other for years, why they support the Iran. The answer is very basic: although Iran accused the west and Israel since the establishment of their Islamic states, they did not fight against the non-Muslim states throughout its history. The only aim of Iran was to become leader of Muslim geography and to spread Shiite ideology by oppressing the Sunnis. They are Persian nationalist but they can hide their nationalism behind the Shiite sect. Therefore, Persians cannot be threat for western countries but they can be used to stop the development of Turkey.

England, USA, Israel and other western countries are the main actors of the new world system and most of the time they used the subcontractor organization for their interest. PKK has been used for 30 years but with the resolution process Turkey reached to important level to terminate its terror problem until 2015 election. However, above mentioned countries creates new terrorist organization in Middle East called as Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). Like Iran, this terrorist group did not battle against the non-Muslim. They killed lots of innocent Muslims and create unrest in Syria and Iraq. They declared caliphate in their invaded land but their Islamic understanding is different from all of the Sunni countires. They bomb lots of the tomb of old Islamic leaders, including profits tomb, and they did not accept other people as Muslim if their opinion is different from their ideology. They forbidden Eid prayer and declared to destroy Kabe, place that muslim turn their face while they are praying. These and lots of similar non-Islamic and non-humanitarian implementation of this terrorist organization shows that this terrorist movement cannot be Muslim. They are established by England, Israel and other western intelligence agency and the main of this terrorist organization is to stop development of Turkey and to guarantee the security of Israel.

Although all of these development can slow down the development of Turkey, they cannot stop our country. Sooner or later, Islamic union of the Muslim societies will be established and Turkey will be leader of this union. However, when the western power understand their failure, they can try to start a new war in the world. In other words, the born of new sun can be very difficult than our expectation. Therefore, todays pains are the artificial travail of the new world formation. Real travail will be lived in 10 years, hence Turkey has to be prepared all of the developments and events that can be experienced in its geography.


                                               Ömer DEMİRDAŞ

* This essay was published at www.fikiranaliz.com web site on 3 January in 2018. Since the web site collapsed, the essay was published again in this web site.


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