Feeding the Enemy with Payment Systems

Feeding the Enemy with Payment Systems

In contemporary world, the Muslims have no leader or caliph to represent and defend their rights. Because of their divisions, they cannot act all together in the world political scene. Most of the Muslim countries are artificial states and their leaders are the puppet of the Jews and Western countries. Since nearly all of them are less developed, they are dependent on the other countries’ goods and services. Their main export elements are the raw materials. They cannot produce many of the substantial goods needed in the daily life, hence they became the consumer of the developed countries. Therefore their markets are completely invaded by the Chinese and western countries’ productions. As a result, while the non-Muslims’ factories have been working in full capacity, the unemployment level and poverty has been increasing every day in the Muslim countries.

Because of the above-mentioned situations, blood, tears and persecution are most common in Islamic countries.  Although lots of the innocent Muslims are killed in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Myanmar, Libya and Egypt, lots of the Muslim states ignored these massacres. Besides, most of them do not hesitate to stand side by side with the Islam enemies. Because of the love of the world and fear of death, they don’t defend their Muslim brothers, while they are killed by Israel, China, Russia or USA. As if they were in love with their hangmans, they feed their own enemies with their own money, finance the bullet that was bored to them, and they live in great insensitivity.

One of the important feeding way of the Jews and the non-Muslim states is the using the payment systems of the western countries. Today USA money, the dollar, is used in the international trade system as a reserve money. All kinds of import and export that we do today take place through the US, if it is not in national currencies. This is due to the fact that the US dollar is accepted as reserve money all over the world and almost all nations, especially the Islamic world, accept this situation without making any questioning. After the Second World War, the international trade system was established on US dollar. Especially the arms, energy and pharmaceutical productions had to be bought and sold by using dollar. In other words the goods, which are necessary for countries to develop and defend themselves, have to be sold by using dollar. Becoming a reserve money and relatively stable structure of dollar make it most used money in the world. As a result, nearly all kinds of goods and services have been bought and sold by using US currency. Today, the emission volume of dollar is higher than the real size of the American economy.

Since the international trade transaction has been making by using dollar, the US can easily see which state buys arms, how much medicine they consume and how much their energy dependence. Apart from these, USA can record import and export transactions of the countries and can learn countries’ needs, consumption patterns and economic dependency and weaknesses. This means that each countries are overseen by a big brother in contemporary world. Besides, almost all countries have become dependent on a single country. As we have come across frequently in recent years, the USA imposes sanctions against the country, whenever it wants to punish that country by closing the payment system. The events living in Venezuela today are the best examples of this situation. Imagine that a country have the largest oil reserves in the world, but it cannot sell its oil by using its own currency. Since the payment system was locked and its revenues were confiscated, Venezuela has been living very deep economic crises with the sanction of USA.

In addition, the USA can know what is the other countries’ needs and the weaknesses. Therefore, it can manipulate the products needed to mix the country. By creating artificial crises and chaos, USA can change the governments in other countries. Although the country has the elected president, the person, who declared himself as president on the street, could be appointed as the official interlocutor by USA like being in Venezuela. Don’t you think that this is unjust and nonsense. There is nothing that can be explained by reason and logic in above mentioned situation.

Even though nearly 60% the oil reserves belongs to the Muslim states, they cannot sell their oil by using their own money in the world. WHY? Why Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela or other OPEC countries cannot sell their own product without using the USA dollar. What is the reason of the US privilege? Why the cost of producing one goods is 100 dollar to other states, but the cost consuming this goods is only 0,25 dollar for USA? Why the other nations do not question this unfair situation? Do we have to use other countries’ money to produce or to buy goods and services? These are very important questions that should be asked by every Muslim and other countries’ nations.  

The fact that the payment system is dependent on the USA dollar, the USA can print as much money as it wishes without causing inflation, borrows in its own currency, and exploits other countries. Today, the US is the most indebted country in the world with debts exceeding $ 22 trillion. The money emission of it is far above its economic size. In the normal conditions, a state with such debt should enter into crisis and experiences hyper-inflation. However, because of our insensitiveness, USA has been continuing to exploit all world countries.

In fact, this system was established by Jews. Today the world is governed by an invisible hand and this hand belongs to the Jews. By creating artificial rival and by playing good police and bad police role, the Jewish system has been spread to all over the world. Rockefeller, one of the richest Jewish man in the world, said in his famous statement: “It is not important who has the power after I have the power to print money. Isn't it easy to understand why he used such a words? The economies of the countries are governed by money. Who controls the money can govern the countries and the world. Since the system was established by Jews, they control the world economies.

The Jews capital is not only control the reserve money transactions but also control the electronic money transactions in the world. The international corporations’ payment system, like being VİSA and Mastercard, has been used as a card payment system in the world. Since they have the international acceptance nearly every country’s citizens choice these card even in the domestic usage. However, when the other countries’ citizens use the international card payment system, they give all of their information to the international corporation with their own hands. When the card payment systems are used, the firms can see where the costumers live, how much money they spend, what is their main consumption goods, where they help with their money. Besides, the international firms do not spend any money to get all these information and they do not give any tax in other countries, because their headquarters are in the USA. In contrast, when the other countries use the VİSA, Mastercard or UnionPay’s payment system, they give commission to the international companies. Today, only the annual amount of commission to be paid to Visa and Mastercard payment systems is 130 million dollars in Turkey. When we consider the 2 billion Islamic world together, only the commission paid by Muslims to these two US-Jewish firms is over $ 1 billion per year. In short, the US-JEWS firms takes all of the information and values from other countries without any cost. Under the normal condition, these firms have to pay $ 26 million corporation tax in Turkey. But they do not give any tax and they take away all of commission money to the abroad. This situation is also true nearly all Muslim and developing countries in the world. Since we do not develop alternative payment system and use the JEWs-oriented card, they have been continuing to exploits Muslims and other developing countries in the world.

When the card payment systems of a country is dependent on the international companies, the country live under very big risk. Because, like being in Russia, The international companies can easily lock up the payment system whenever they want. By doing this, the commercial life of the countries can easily collapse and their economies can face great destruction.

Therefore, to make trade with domestic currency and to produce alternative payment system has a strategic importance not only for Turkey, but also for other Muslims and developing countries. Turkey has started to use domestic money in its trade with its neighbors and create new card payment system, called as TROY, in 2016. However, because of the extraordinary events, such as 17-25 December events and 15 July Coup attempt, the domestic payment system could not spread to desired level yet.

TROY, short name of Turkish Payment System, was produced by Interbank Card Center. It has 13 partners and 46,14 % of all share belongs to the state-owned banks. The other big partners are also Turkish Banks. As of September, the number of TROY card reached to the 9 million. However, the total card number in Turkey in nearly 215 million and TROY’s share is only 4 %. Even if nearly 98 % of the all card transaction made in Turkey, the usage of foreign card is bigger than domestic one. Of course, VİSA and Mastercard has been operating since the beginning of the card payment system in Turkey. It will take time for TROY to spread, but unfortunately the domestic banks and citizens do not aware of the strategic importance of the TROY. Even state-owned banks are only looking at the situation commercially and unfortunately neglecting the economic and political independence of the country.

Although President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN has repeatedly emphasized the importance of trade with domestic and national currencies, even the state owned banks and other state administrations, including Central Bank and Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, do not give the necessary importance to the issue. The most important reason of this is the incapable appointed bureaucrats’ behaviors. Since most of the bureaucrats thinks their career rather than the benefits of the country, they do not take any initiative for the country. Today only Ziraat Bank has 20 million cards and most of the pensioners  receive their salaries from this bank. If only state-owned banks starts to use TROY, the TROY’s share in the card payment system can easily exceed the 50 % in one year. By using the TROY the foreign dependence of the country can be minimized and international Jewish firms exploitation can be decreased. Unfortunately, because of the above reason and high level of polarization in politic life of Turkey, sensitivity to the domestic payment system and country’s benefit decreased dramatically. Today even most of the well educated people do not know what is TROY. However, the TROY and domestic payment system are very important not only for Turkey but also for Muslims and other less developed countries. I wish it could be understood.

When we look at the domestic payment system development of other Muslim countries, we see that nearly none of them has its own domestic card payment system. Nearly all of them use dollar as a reserve money and most of them do not have developed banking system. Even though Interest is strictly forbidden in Islam, none of the Muslim countries can rescue itself from interest system. This situation shows that Muslims are feeding their enemy with their own money. However, if the Islamic world acts together, and establishes joint payment system and use their own money in their internal trade, the dollar can easily loses its power. If they use TROY or build new card payment system under the Islamic Corporation Organization, they can prevent or at least decrease the persecution of west, Jews and China in the world.

Joint Card Payment System can be built in several ways. First of all, the Islam countries can start to use TROY in their countries by signing bilateral agreement and Turkey can help to establish this system in their countries. Secondly, each country can produce their own card payment system and by bilateral agreements, the usage of these domestic cards can be developed. Lastly, Islamic Cooperation Organization can build new card payment system and then every member can use this system in Muslim countries. Besides, they can create new money system based on gold and their own money, like being special drawing rights, and then they can use this money in their trade. The only thing that needs to be done is to establish a new card payment system under the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and to spread it to all member countries. Turkey and Malaysia can lead the Islamic countries on this issue. By giving knowledge and necessary infrastructure for the establishment of the system, they may aid to Islamic countries. Even doing so is a duty and necessity for these two countries.

With the establishment of the common payment system, Muslims will borrow on their own money, when they visit another Muslim country. In the existing card system, when Turkish citizens go to Indonesia and make some shopping with VİSA or Mastercard in there, the system firstly exchange the rupee to dollar, and then exchange dollar to Turkish Liras. In this case, a card shopper first pays a commission while converting his shopping from Indonesian rupee to a dollar, then pays a commission when switching from $ to TL. Hence, their shopping cost increases and Jews-led payment system earn money from their shopping. Besides, foreign payment systems see where you visit, how much money you spend and what you buy with credit card.

Muslims should be smart. They should not feed their enemy with their own hands. Today, the Muslims live under the persecution of the non-muslim states in East Turkestan, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Myanmar and in many other geographies. It is not enough just sit and say “My God save them from the persecution of the enemies”. We have to be armed with our enemy's weapon. As being in the conquest of Hayber, we should end the cruelty of the Jews and other non-muslims societies by drying out the economic resources of them. We should produce alternative ways of payment system, which is compatible with Islam belief, under the Islamic Cooperation Organization. Of course, all these developments cannot be realized suddenly. Therefore, we must gradually implement alternative payment system within a plan. Our ultimate goal should be to establish a system which is compatible with Islamic rules.

In this regard, what Turkey and Islamic countries should do can be summarized as;

First of all, the usage and awareness of the Turkish Payment System, which is called as TROY, should be increased both in Turkey and in Islamic world. The benefits of TROY and domestic card payment system should be explained and the usage of TROY should be increased both in Turkey and in Islamic world.

* Secondly, every Muslim country should produce its own domestic card payment system and every banks, actively working in the Muslim country, must use this system. In other words, the usage of domestic and national cards should be compulsory for every banks.

Thirdly, the international validity of the cards, which are produced by member states of Islamic Cooperation Organization, should be ensured inside the member states. By doing this, the international validity of the credit cards could be ensured in more than 50 countries in the world.

* If the capacity of the Muslim Countries does not enough to produce domestic card system, they should use Turkish Card Payment System, called as TROY,  in their country and Turkey should help them in the establishment of the new card payment system and their infrastructure.

• In order to sustain international validity of card payment system outside of the Islamic countries, the Islamic Cooperation Organization members should act together and make one-to-one agreements with each countries and ensure that these cards can be valid in non-Muslim countries.

• Internationally valid cards such as Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay operating in Islamic countries should be taxed by each member states of Islamic Cooperation Organization. If taxation is not accepted by international firms, the activities of these companies should be stopped or a separate tax should be collected from the banks for every the transactions of these firms’ cards.

Our medium and long term objective should be to establish new payment system, which is based on an interest-free system. In this regard, Islamic countries should act together and rehabilitate the banking system or develop an alternative payment and lending system, which is compatible with Islamic rules.

All of above mentioned thinks can be realized, if Muslims act together. As long as we support each other, as long as we start working by correcting our intentions, we can succeed all our objectives in a very short period of time. Otherwise, the Islamic geography will continue to burn and the money of the atrocities will be paid by us, as if we are in love with our executioner.

Let's not be afraid of the power of the Jews, USA, Russia, western world or China. If we are to be afraid of one, this should be only Allah. If we act together, the US hegemony and Jewish exploitation would suffer greatly. The system of exploitation they had established will collapse in a very short period of time or they will have to make major concessions to adapt to the new system.


Emrullah ÜNAL


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