Dollar Is Not Official Money of The World! Stop GENOCIDE and Exploitation by Boycotting Dollars

Dollar Is Not Official Money of The World! Stop GENOCIDE and Exploitation by Boycotting Dollars

As it is known, with the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944, the process of buying and selling the world's goods and services, especially energy, weapons, medicine and precious metals, with dollars began. According to this agreement, international trade will be carried out in dollars and the USA will give 1 ounce of gold to any state that requests it for 35 dollars. This system, which functioned in some way until the end of the 1960s, collapsed in 1971 as a result of the Vietnam war and the USA's budget deficits being met by printing dollars. In other words, dollars have been printed without gold equivalent since 1971.

For this reason, as of today, there is no logical explanation or basis for the dollar being used as a reserve currency in the world and in international trade. Because, as we have just stated, the dollar is printed without gold equivalent and is not the official common currency of the world. The dollar is only the currency of the USA. It is certain that using it in this way serves no purpose other than exploiting us.

In fact, the dollar also does not belong to Americans. It is a banknote that 8 Jewish dynasties seized the authority to print money in the USA through tricks. This horny minority firstly exploited the USA and then exploited the whole world by using the USA power. How the dollar passed to these 8 families is also an interesting story. If you wish, let's continue our article by first briefly explaining how the dollar came into the hands of this horny minority.


The Federal Reserve Act was urgently passed by Congress on 23.12.1913 and signed into law by President Wilson an hour later. With this law, the American Congress transferred the authority to print money to a central bank that is not owned by the state. In other words, the USA state does not have any single shares in this bank. Accordingly, 12 Federal Reserve Banks would be established across America, and their partners will be the commercial banks in the regions where they are located. A Board of Directors appointed by the US President and approved by the Senate will ensure the coordination of these 12 Banks and carry out the national monetary policy.

Today, the FED has a special and autonomous structure that does not have to answer to anyone due to its status, although it does not pay taxes, can print money, open banks abroad and lend money to its own state. The fact that such an important, even financially historic, vote was brought to Christmas Eve, unannounced and suddenly, caused quite a reaction and was viewed as questionable.

As mentioned, The US Central Bank, the Federal Reserve (FED), does not belong to the US state but is owned by 8 Jewish bankers. The 8 banks that are the founding shareholders of the FED and the owners of these banks are as follows:

(1) Rothschilds Banks of London and Berlin,

(2) Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris (Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris),

(3) Italian Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy,

(4) Warburg Bank (Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam),

(5) New York Lehman Brothers Bank (Lehman Brothers of New York) (Merged with Lehman Brothers and Kuhn Loeb in 1977, and Kuhn Loeb became Lehman Brothers, Inc.; in 1984, it became Shearson American Express.),

(6) Kuhn, Loeb Bank (Kuhn Loeb Bank of NY),

(7) Chase Manhattan Bank of the Rockefeller family (Chase Manhattan Bank of NY),

(8) Goldman Sachs Bank (Goldman Sachs of NY).

As can be seen above, Federal Reserve Banks shares are owned by JEWISH DYNASTIC FAMILIES such as Rothschilds, Warburgs, Lazard, Kuhn Lœbs, Rockefellers, Israel Moses Seifs, Morgans Stanley, Lehman Brothers. An interesting feature of FED shares is that these shares cannot be purchased or changed hands by others or on stock exchanges. These shares can only be inherited as wealth. In other words, these shares have become the property of these JEWISH dynasty families and can only be transferred to their heirs. In addition, more than half of the shares of the Federal Reserve Bank are not in the assets of Americans.

This situation shows that the Central Bank, which should belong to the US state, has been officially usurped by a handful of Jewish loan sharks, many of whom are not even US citizens. Americans should object to this before anyone else. However, interestingly, there have often been assassination attempts against US Presidents who voiced and objected to this slavery. As is known, John Kennedy, who prepared the law to take the authority to print money from the FED, that is, to nationalize it, was assassinated.

Although the US President appoints the FED Chairman and the Senate approves it, in reality, FED Chairman is appointed by banking sector. As it is known, bankers provide billions of dollars aid to election campaigns of senators. In other words, both the chooser and the chosen one come from the same source, and this horny minority governs the USA directly or indirectly. When we look at the presidents of the FED, we can see this reality very clearly. throughout the history of FED,  nearly all FED Chairmans were of JEWISH origin. For example, Alan GREENSPAN, who served as Chairman for 20 uninterrupted years between 1987 and 2007, was Jewish, Bernanke was Jewish, and Janet YELLEN was also of Jewish origin. SO WHY? Is it because Jews are so smart that FED Chairmans are always elected from them? Of course not, because the horny minority does not allow anyone who is not among them to manage the bank.

Apart from this, whoever controls the money controls the state. As a matter of fact, Rockefeller said in one of his statements: "As long as I have the authority to print money, it does not matter to me who is in power." Isn't it obvious why he said that? He who controls money controls the means of production, and whoever controls the means of production controls the economy. Those who control the economy can eventually bring whomever they want to power and take away whatever they want, which has always been the case both in the USA and in almost all countries.

In my opinion, it is already time to question the current situation of the FED for Americans. It is necessary to question why, with what understanding and purpose, such an important and effective power is given to private banks, both in the USA and in global financial platforms. Because the dollar does not actually belong to the Americans, it belongs to JEWISH minority. Americans need to seriously question this. Because this is primarily their problem.


In the 1970s, a US Treasury Secretary shamelessly declared, "The dollar is our money, but it is your problem." SO WHY? The first reason for this is that DOLLAR is used as a reserve currency in the world and trade in precious metals, energy, especially oil, weapons and gold is priced and bought and sold in dollars.

The second reason is that the Jews bankers, who seized the FED in the USA, based the monetary system on Partial Reserve Banking or DEBT-BASED MONETARY SYSTEM and imposed this system to USA and the whole world. In this system, from the moment the money was printed, the US Treasury became indebted and was obliged to pay more money to the FED than the money produced. In other words, the FED gives 100 dollars to the US Treasury, but if we assume 10% interest, it wants 110 dollars in return. But the money printed is only 100 dollars. What could be the result of this? Either the Treasury will pay its debt by creating fiat money in the market, or it will transfer some of state assets (this could be land, real estate or any other asset owned by the state) to the FED or the bankers. Debt-Based Monetary System is a system based entirely on indebting states and nations and transferring the wealth of states and nations to usurers. It is just an exploitation of human being!

After the establishment of the system, the rich became richer and the poor became poorer both in the USA and the world. Today, the wealth of a handful of Jewish minorities is greater than that of half the world. States and nations have only been able to survive by borrowing. As a matter of fact, financial data confirms this. The world's total debt has reached to 310 trillion dollars in 2023 but total GDP of the world is only 93 trillion dollars. In other words, if the world countries sold all of the goods and services they produce, they would only be able to pay their debt in 3.5 years. So, who is the creditor? A bunch of Jewish bankers! Because 85% of the money is controlled directly or indirectly by them in this system. Why we do not question this monetary system and this distortion in the world? Why are we afraid? Anyway, since the debt-based monetary system is the subject of another article, let's suffice with this for now.

Coming back to the use of the dollar as a reserve currency, which concerns us, the process of making the dollar accepted as a reserve currency in the world is based on the Bretton Woods agreement, which was held after World War II. According to this agreement, the dollar would be issued in exchange for gold, the rest of the world would adjust the value of their currencies according to the dollar. besides, the trade in precious metals, oil, energy, weapons, medicine and gold, would be carried out with dollars. The value of one ounce of gold would be 35 dollars, and the USA would provide physical gold to any state that wanted it for 35 dollars.

However, the USA issued dollars without gold equivalent due to the cost of the Vietnam war. In the 1960s, some countries, especially France, expressed their doubts about printing too much of the dollar, and the system collapsed in 1971. To continue this exploitation, the USA offers oil-rich countries "We would protect your countries and you would sell the oil in dollars" or obliged them to do so through tricks. since they are very adept at creating false enemies and threats, they persuaded Gulf Countries to sell oil with dollars by using IRAN or terrorist organizations.

However, especially after the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, there is no logical reasons in using the Dollar in world trade as if it were the official currency of the world. Now all humanity must wake up and oppose this situation, and they must say "WHY DO WE USE DOLLARS, the dollar is the money of the USA and USA is under the control of the Jews".


So, what happens when we continue to use dollars? Let's try to explain this briefly. First of all, when we use dollars, the USA has the opportunity to monitor us in dollars. Think of two banks side by side. When you transfer dollars from one to another, this information first goes to the USA and then goes to your account. In other words, the USA and the Jews are monitoring you, and they do not ask for your permission for this monitoring, nor do they pay any money to you. On the contrary, it takes money from you for this money transfer. Secondly, USA can shut down the payment system whenever it wants, leaving you and your country in a difficult situation. This is exactly what is happening today in Russia, Iran and Venezuela. In other words, USA has been using the dollar as a weapon.

Thirdly, when we use dollars, we provide interest-free loans to the USA. Approximately $2 trillion is in circulation in print today, and two-thirds of that money is outside the United States. The USA can buy any product it wants from any country at a very low cost with a piece of paper printed at 25 cents. Even if its budget has a deficit, it can close it by printing money without causing inflation in its country. If there is a current account deficit, since world trade is generally done in dollars, countries such as China and Japan, which have excess dollars, can close USA’s current account deficit because they go and buy US bonds with their excess dollars. Today, the US's current account deficit is 200 billion dollars, which is larger than the GDP of many countries in the world. So, what does it mean? With a piece of paper produced for 25 cents, the USA consumed 200 billion dollars more goods from the world than it produced itself. In other words, he literally exploited the world.

If you want, let's make what we said a little more concrete with numbers. Türkiye’s current account deficit for 2023 is approximately 50 billion dollars, its GDP is 800 billion dollars and the ratio of Türkiye’s total debt to GDP is 58%. The current account deficit of USA is 200 billion dollars, total debt of it is 34 trillion dollars and its GDP is 27 billion dollars in 2023. In other words, the ratio of debt to GDP is at 126%. However, there is an economic crisis in Türkiye, but there is no crisis in the USA! Don't you think this situation is contrary to reason, logic and mathematics? This situation is the same not only in Türkiye but in almost all developing countries. Even though developing countries’ debt and current account deficit are less than USA, they are experiencing economic crisis but USA does not experience any economic crisis. So WHY? Because USA Dollars has been using as a reserve money in the world. It is clear that there is an exploitation of humanity in here!

What should be done then? We need to wake up the whole world. We should tell the harm of the using dollars to our citizens and humanity. every state must explain and teach its citizens, starting from primary school, what it means to hold dollars or foreign currency, what kind of damage it will cause to their country, and create a national awareness. This should be included in the curriculum and public awareness should be raised by making striking advertisements through public spots.

In addition, we should build an alternative payment system which should be fair and based on gold or other precious metal. Because dollar is not common or official money of the humanity. Using dollar make USA and JEWS rich but make other human poor. Besides, there must be a cost of holding dollars in every country. People should know that to keep the dollars means that they are giving interest-free money to USA. When an ordinary citizens hold dollars means weakening his own country against the USA. For this reason, there must be a cost of holding the money of country that is hostile to humanity and lending them interest-free loans.

Our suggestion is to make it mandatory for foreign currency purchases to be made with ID number and tax identification number. The foreign exchange purchase tax should be enacted in every country and the tax rate should be progressive. Besides, A certain amount of capital gains tax should be charged from dollar holder at the end of the year. In other words, the state will know who has how many dollars and will collect progressive taxes from buying and selling this foreign currency and holding foreign currency. I hope those who govern us will take this warning into consideration.

Here, some people may ask: How will we protect the value of our money then? Since the invention of money, the main instrument used as money in the world is GOLD. Alan GREENSPAN, who was the chairman of the FED for 20 years, once blurted this out and said that real money in the world is gold, the rest is fiat money. Even GREENSPAN says that real money is gold. In the Bretton Woods agreement, one ounce of gold was 35 dollars. Today, one ounce of gold is worth 2011 dollars. In other words, gold has gained 58 times its value against the dollar since the Bretton Woods Agreement. Besides, a figure that was achieved despite all the pressure of the Central Banks. It is nearly impossible to predict what will be value of the GOLD when the pressure of Central Banks disappears. Therefore, if you have to stay in a liquid asset, stay under it. What I will say is that while you can preserve the value of your money by buying gold. Holding gold does not harm the economy as much as holding dollars, because gold is the common money of the world.

For these reasons, in order to stop both the exploitation in the world and the GENOCIDE in GAZA, we need to inform every people and wake up the whole world that DOLLAR is not the common currency of the world and that there is no logic using dollars in international trade. Especially friends who have influence on social media, please explain why the DOLLAR should not be used both in your country and in the world to your people. Please describe Jews exploitation to the human beings. Explain this in almost every language so that the whole world can wake up. On this issue, we need to start an AWAKENING movement in every country by the support of patriotic people in the countries where they are present. In fact, the conjuncture in the world is very suitable for this. China-US tension, Russia-US tension and Gaza events have already increased the hatred towards the US and the Jews and unmasked them. BRICS countries are already in search of an alternative payment system. Then all we have to do is accelerate this process and be the catalyst. This is our duty both as humanity and as Muslims.

If Gulf Countries don't sell oil with dollars just one week, the GENOCIDE in GAZA will stop automatically. There is no need to impose an embargo like in the 1970s. If the world countries sell oil, gold and precious metals in domestic money or in gold instead of dollars for just 1 week, be sure that the GENOCİDE in GAZA will stop under the pressure of the USA. If the administrators do not do it, we can force the administrations by AWAKENING the public and social reaction. I believe that as long as we work on this issue with a sincere intention, we can succeed.

Now humanity is perhaps at the last exit before the bridge, so we need to hurry a little. Let's all come out together and start the AWAKENING MOVEMENT both at home and abroad by saying DOLLAR is not the common currency of the world, but the money of the USA and the Jews. You will see that with God's grace and help, we will be able to bring about great changes with our little effort. As long as we make an effort.




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