Restructuring the Middle East Again

Restructuring the Middle East Again

Last months 6 gulf-states, Saudi Arabian, United Arabian Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Bahrein started diplomatic isolation against the Qatar. Qatar has been accused of supporting the DAESH, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brothers and Hamas, which are accepted as terrorist organization. At first glance, the attempt of these states seems against the Qatar. However, when we analyzed the whole picture, we see that the real target was Turkey and union of the Muslim societies. What is interesting in here is that all of these actions have started after the visit of Trump, USA president, to Saudi Arabia. Do you thing that gulf-states’ behavior and USA’s visit to Middle East can be coincidence? Definitely most of the Muslim should be evaluating these events as the instructions of the USA and west against the Qatar and Muslim society.

Since the end of the WW-I, most of the Middle East countries has been governing by the puppet leader of UK and west. With the withdrawal of the Ottoman State from the history scene, the England and west power divided the Muslim geography with their ruler. They did not take into account the social, financial and religious values while they were drawing the border of the region. Instead, they deliberately determined the border to increase the conflict whenever they need. Therefore, since the First World War, the wars, tears, and conflict had never ended in this region.

If an organization is accused as if a terrorist group by Israel or west, you can be sure that this organization has been given harm to the interest of the west and Israel. Hamas and Muslim Brothers are the best example of this situation. Nobody is questioned why Hamas was established and for whom they are fighting. Like this, can anybody shows the any terrorist action of the Muslim Brothers? No. If this is so, why these two organizations are characterized as terrorist? The answer is very basic: they are giving harm to the interest of Israel and west.

In contemporary world, whenever a Muslim kills a non-Muslim, this action is directly referred to as a terrorist organization of Muslim Society. However, when a Christian or Buddhist slaughtered the Muslims, as being in Norway and Myanmar, this massacre did not seen by the west or other non-Muslim countries. When they can’t hide the massacre, they characterize this event as if an ordinary incident. Don’t you thing that there is something wrong in this characterization?

Besides, today the western powers create terrorist organizations whenever they need intervention to Muslim region. Today nearly all of the terrorist organizations are Muslim or operating in Muslim geography. Why? Because, all of these terrorist organizations belong to the west or are supported by the west. DAESH and similar terrorist organizations is the illegitimate child of the west and Israel. If they were not, these organizations should have fought directly against Israel or invader forces of west and USA. However, all of these terrorist group fights against Muslims and kills innocent people in Muslim geography. All of these events openly show that these terrorist groups belong to the west and their mentor, Israel. Some of the illiterate people in Muslim geography are unknowingly serving them. By using these terrorist organizations, the west and his mentor, Israel, destabilized the region, and decreased the power of Muslim countries. Their main plan is to divide and rule this region by using the terrorist group. If they cannot be successful in their plan, every person can be sure that they do not hesitate to intervene directly to Middle East.

Western countries and their mentor, Israel, show themselves as if the representative of the modern life and they see other people as if second class human being in contemporary world. However, whenever they claim that they will bring democracy and human rights to a region, the blood and tears flow like a flood. Iraq is the best example of this. Since the beginning of the Arab spring (or autumn), the situation of the Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria are seen by every person. For the sake of oil, the western countries immediately intervened the Libya and overthrown the Kaddafi, but they are blind to the human tragedy in Syria. Although the elected leader Morsi was knocked down by the putschist leader Sisi, they did not interested with the democratic value in Egypt. These and other double standards of the west must be instrumental for the awakening of Muslims. Unfortunately, up until now, I cannot see a remarkable awakening movement in Muslim Society.

Today the western economy has been collapsing and they have been losing the hegemony not only in Muslim Geography but also in the other part of the world. Their population is getting older day by day and they know that unless the Muslims and other societies war each other they cannot survive their exploitation system in the world. Because they now that Turkey is the only country to unify the Muslim society and it has the capacity to stop the exploitation of west in the world. The west has been trying to overthrow President ERDOĞAN since the 2012. At first they tried this by using judges of  FETÖ, Fethullahist Terrorist Organization, in 17/25 December with jurisdiction coup. And then, since FETÖ could not succeed their attempts, the west and this terrorist group directly tried to overthrow ERDOĞAN and elected government of Turkish parliament by using the military coup in 15 July. Due to the resistance of the Turkish citizens and with the help of Allah, this coup attempt failed. Therefore, 15 July Coup was the milestone not only for Turkish State but also for the Muslim and exploited societies in the world. This date is the end of the 200 years of western hegemony on Muslim world. After this time, nothing will be as being in the past. Certainly whether the west and other enemies of the Islam want or not, Islam and Turkey will rise again as being in the past.

In fact the west and his mentor, Israel, know this reality very well. However, they do not give up their attempts to stop the development of Turkey and to stop the rise of Muslim. Hence, the Qatar crises should be read from this perspective. Although the visible target was Qatar, the actual target of this crisis is Turkey. Why? Because Qatar was the only Arab country that supports Turkey in coup attempt and economic activity. Turkey’s and Qatar relationship is very well and if the financial support of the Qatar can be discriminated, the Turkish economy can be fallen into the crisis. This situation will decrease the support of the Turkish citizens to ERDOĞAN and Turkey can be controlled very easily than before. Their entire plan is to isolate Turkey from Muslim world.

Turkey understands that this crisis is the game of the west and terrors is the pretext of this game. Unfortunately, this game is executed by using the Muslim countries. Saudi Arabian, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Yemen and other Muslim countries become the tools of the west and their mentor. Nevertheless, the Muslims should not divide their power for the sake of the interest of the west. The Muslim should also keep in mind that the west will lost whatever they did. Because their economy is in debt, the population is old and the technologic innovation is very slow comparing with Far East countries. Their last hope is to create the conflict of their exploited countries in the world.

All of their attempts are to postpone the unification of the Muslim and prevent the rise of the Turkey, which is the heir of Ottoman State. Since the Muslims do not have a head as being Ottoman State Caliph today, and they are separated from each other with an artificial border. They know that this situation decrease the power of Muslims and they have been trying to survive this separated status in Muslim world. Therefore, the Muslim should elect a leader and unify their power for the sake of Allah. If they do so, game of the west will collapse and the Israel will be withdrawn from Middle East in a very soon time period. If we can succeed to stop their game, in 2 decade later the Islam civilization will live magnificent period in the world.  Wait and see, all of this action will be realized in 2 decades.


* This essay was published at web site on 3 January in 2018. Since the web site collapsed, the essay was published again in this web site.


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