Nothing Will be As Being in the Past

Nothing Will be As Being in the Past

15 July is the beginning of the new age not only for Turkey but also for all Muslim societies in the world.In the failed coup attempt, every Turkish citizen openly saw that the USA and western countries cannot be real friend of the Muslims and Turks. Because, the FETO or Fetullahnist Terrorist Organization could not dare such as mad coup operation, unless they took the USA’s and other western countries’ support. Besides, everyone knows that NATO’s Incirlik Air Base was actively used to refuel the warplanes in the coup. When the coup attempt was defeated, nearly none of the western countries condemn this coup attempt directly and none of them declared the strong support to the elected legal government and president. All of these developments show that NATO, USA and western countries directly or indirectly supported the coup in Turkey. However, if a country is ally of you in NATO, you cannot refuel the plane of the coup plotters. In contrast, you have to support the legal elected government whatever the cost of it. Therefore, today Turkey and West has been experiencing the biggest confidence crisis since the establishment of the NATO.

With the two world wars, lived in 20th century, the map and political system of the world was designed according to the interest of the western countries. After WW-I, the Ottoman State was disappeared from the history and new state, Turkish Republic was established. The Muslims has lost their leader and caliph. May be the most important requirement of the independence for the new state was the abolition of the caliphate for Turkey. In the early years of the republic, most of the reforms were made by new government to erase the traces of the Ottoman State and to eliminate the Islamic appearance of Turkey. Hereby, the tie between the Muslims and Turks was broken by western powers with these reforms made at the beginning of the republic. Meanwhile, the old Ottoman territories were shared between the England and other allies of it up until the Second World War. Although nearly all colonies of the western countries gained their independence after the WW-II, nearly all of these countries are artificial states governed by puppet leaders of the west. In other words, the exploitation of the Muslims and poor countries has been continuing in a different form since that time.

In spite of the fact that the United Nation was established to protect the peace in the world, the structure of this institution was formed unfairly. There are only five countries, USA, Russia, England, France and Chine in the Permanent Security Council. These five countries represent only 27 % of the total population of the world, but they have veto power in UN. In other words, whatever decision was taken by other countries in the UN, it is impossible to implement this decision unless you convince all of these five countries. Besides, the Permanent Security Council does not represent the all of the main believer groups. For example, the Muslim population constitutes the 27 % of the world population, but there is no representative of the Muslims in the Security Council. When we look at this picture, we can easily say that the structure of the UN must be changed as soon as possible and there should be a least one Muslim states in the Permanent Security Council. Otherwise, with the current unjust structure, decision and implementation, the UN will prepare its own end. As President ERDOĞAN said, the world is bigger than five and unless this unfair structure of the UN is changed, the new world system will be established by the leadership of Turkey in two decades.  

Like being UN, NATO was also established to protect the peace and western countries against the Soviet threat after Second World War. Turkey was the only Muslim countries in this organization and up until now, it fulfills all of her obligation to the NATO. It opens Incirlik Air Base to the use of its allies, directly or indirectly it participates all of the operations made under this unity, implements the decision of the organization even if some of these decisions make Turkey direct threat against the enemies of NATO. However, the trustworthiness of NATO has been questioning since the Johnson’s Letter event in Turkey. Nearly every coup attempt was supported directly or indirectly by some important countries of the NATO. For example, in Dr. Gunn said that America could prevent the 1960 coup, if it really wanted. Likewise, when the 1980 coup was learned by USA, one of the diplomat of USA said to Paul Henze: “your boys have done it”. May be it is not officially expressed up to now but, everyone knows that the aircrafts used during the coup attempt were refueled by USA tankers in Incirlik. Therefore, Turkey has been living deep confidence crises against the USA and NATO, whether they are really ally or not. As a result of this confidence lost, Turkey needs to repair relationship between Russia after the coup.

Today, it is obviously seen that nothing will be as being in the past. On the one side the western countries have been struggling an economic crisis since 2008, on the other side they have been trying to oppress social reaction by creating artificial terror and political crisis in the Middle East. DAESH, PKK and FETO are the product of the west to destabilize Turkey and Middle East Region. However, Turkey and other Muslim societies do not want to be volunteers to pay the bill of the economic crises in USA, EU and other western countries. Doubtless, western countries do not give up their attempts. We will see lots of the changes, including map of the states, in next two decades. Unless they succeed to stop Turkey’s development and awakening in Muslims world by using the terrorist organization in Middle East, everyone should be ready bloody wars in this region. May be this war will spread to the other part of the world and millions of innocent people will die as a result of this war.

However, the west has been making the biggest mistake by trying to destabilize Turkey and Muslim world. For them and for the rest part of the world, the real threat will come from Far East part of the world. China has been growing steadily at about 30 years and becomes the second biggest economy in the world. Its energy needs and market needs has been increasing. It has very strong army and nuclear power. It has 1.4 billion population, lots of them atheist and has no religious or ethical values. Like China, the North Korea is also communist country and has nuclear weapon. If west does not corporate with Muslim world, it will be very difficult to stop these powers in the near future.

While the west continues to destabilize the Muslim world, they also lost their power in this region. Because their economies has been worsening steadily since the beginning of the global economic crisis. At the end, they cannot find enough power to combat against the Chinese threat in the near future. Therefore, instead of destabilizing the Middle East, they should try to gain the confidence of Turkey and Muslims. They should corporate in UN and restructure this institution on basis of justice. Otherwise the first war will start in Middle East and then spread to Far East and nobody can stop China in ten years. Because the west and Muslim world will be tired with the economic crisis and war and China will become unrivaled. Believe or not, all of these events will be realized not more than two decades. Wait and see…


* This essay was published at web site on 3 January in 2018. Since the web site collapsed, the essay was published again in this web site.


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