Postponed Economic Crises and Incoming Third World War

Postponed Economic Crises and Incoming Third World War

The western countries, USA and EU, have been struggling economic crises since the 2008. Although their economies have lots of problems, they did not apply any structural reform in their economy. Instead, they increase the emission of the money in the world to delay economic crisis and to gain time to find a financier to pay their economies’ heavy bill.

The economy of the west mainly depends on the exploitation of the Muslim, poor and less developed countries. Since the western territories are poor in terms of natural reserves, they started to colonize the world especially after the industrial revolution. When we came to the 1900s, England and France were the dominant in colonization attempt and Germany was comparatively poor in the colonization. To support its economy and to gain more natural resource, Germany started to compete with these two super powers at the end of the 19th century. As a result of this competition the First World War broke out in 1914 and millions of innocent people were died in this unfair war. When the England and its allies won the war, they signed very heavy deal with Germany and its allies, Ottoman State, Bulgaria and Austria-Hungarian Empire. Ottoman State was withdrawn from history scene and Russia’s regime was turned to socialism and the world redesigned again. Although England and its allies won the war, they lost the most of their power to govern the world territories directly. Hence they found a way to exploit the ex-colony territories: placing the puppet leader and govern that states behind the main scene.

When we came to the 1929 the capitalism lived the great depression and lots of the banks and companies bankrupted in this period. Millions of people lost their money and job and economy fell into the big crisis not only in west but also in the rest of the world. As a result of this economic crisis fascism gained speed in Germany and Italy and in 10 years the Second World War broke out again. In this war, not only European but also the Far East region was redesigned by USA and western countries. For the protection of peace(!) they established UN, and 5 big countries became the permanent member of the Security Council. In fact the main aim of this organization was the protection of the western interest in the world. If not, it should be fair against the poor and less developed countries in the world. However we have not seen any fair implementation of the UN in the world political life up until now. 20th century was the top point of the western hegemony in the world and this hegemony has been decreasing since the beginning of the 21st century. With the rise of the Far East tigers and development of the technology, the developing countries has been closing the development gap between the west and other developed countries. Today the China, South Korea and some other countries can easily compete with EU and USA both in technologic innovation and economic development. Turkey also made big jump in its economy and today become the model countries for the developing countries, especially for the poor Muslim states.

If you look at the last century you see that after the big economic crisis the big wars broke out in 10 years in the world. Today the world, especially USA and EU countries has been experiencing economic crisis since the 2008, and this economic crisis affect the global economy. Although Turkey and Southeast Asian countries used the severe prescription of IMF in the second half of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s to overcome the economic crisis, the USA and EU denied using this painful prescription, recommended by IMF. Besides, while IMF was dictating the structural reform to give money to the developing countries to implement the stand-by agreement, it did not make any statement to the USA or EU countries to make reform in their economy. Instead, USA and EU central bank, FED and ECB, decreased the interest rate to the lowest level but all of these attempts did not create desired result in their economy.

Today Dollar and Euro are the main reserve money in the world and to print money does not create inflation in USA and EU. By increasing the emission of the money in the world, the western countries have been trying to postpone the economic crisis and to gain time to find a financier to pay their economies’ heavy bill. For now, the China and some other developing countries have been financing the west. For What?

Since China and other developing countries do not take the risk of using different kind of money as reserve money, they continue to finance the USA and western countries’ treasure by buying their bonds. Because using different kind of reserve money or not financing the USA’s and western countries’ treasure will deepen the economic crisis. As a result, lots of the people will lose their job in China and developing countries. In other words the alternative cost of using different reserve money is the loss of the employment. Therefore, for the sake of employments, the politicians continue to finance the west. However, everyone knows that these funding cannot be sustained forever by China and other developing countries. Sooner or later these countries will give up buying the USA and EU bonds. When they decide to implement this decision, the economic crisis of the west will be much more destructive and there will be no returning of the result of this great depression in the west.

When we talk about the economy and capitalism, we have to mention about the Israel and Jews’ capital. In contemporary world, the Jews capital has been governing the world economy. The biggest Banks and companies belong to them and without the permission of them it is very difficult to make trade and to transfer money from one side to another in the world economic system. In fact not only world economy but also world’s political life has been designed according to the interest of Jews and Israel. Although they cannot be seen directly in the world political scene, they govern the countries behind the curtain. This is the main characteristics of the Jews throughout the history.

Due to the fact that the Jews capital sees the reality of collapse of the western economy, they have been carrying their factory and economic equipment to the China and other Far East countries. Today, the west economy is in a heavy debt, their population is getting older day by day and they cannot catch up the technologic innovation as being in the past. While the west was the center of the technologic development in the world at about 200 years, today this peculiarity passes to the Far East. Therefore, in the near future the world will come to new developments about the economic and social system.

Because the economic crisis cannot be overcome completely, each day, the world is getting closer to a great battle, WW-III. All of the development in Syria, Middle East and North Korea are the first indicators of this war. Most probably the starting point of this war will be the Middle East and then it spreads to the Far East. USA, Russia, China, Japan, North Korea, Germany, Israel and Turkey will be at the center of this war. Fault lines of the world political life is the Syria, Iraq, Caucasian, Jerusalem, South Chinese Sea and North Korea. Most probably South American countries will join the war as an ally of the one group in the war. All of this development will be realized in 5 years in the world.

As a result of the war, nearly 250 million people were died directly or indirectly in the Second World War period. Today the weapons are much more destructive and human beings are more dependent to the technologic devices. Therefore, the result of such a war can be much more disastrous. I wish I will be mistaken but the way of the world has been going to this direction. Unless the west accepts to pay the painful prescription of its economy and if it tries to find financiers like being in contemporary world, this result will be inevitable. Again, I hope I will be wrong…


* This essay was published at web site on 3 January in 2018. Since the web site collapsed, the essay was published again in this web site.


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